The real motivation of young India

Bhagat singh fought like a hero for Indian’s freedom and sacrificed his life. He was born in a sikh family in banga on 27th September 1907 to Kishan Singh and Vidyavati. His family too was involved in struggling for freedom. He was a national hero who gave a new wave to the revolutionary movement in India.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh - Bikram Singh Mjaithia

His only goal in life was the destruction of British Empire. Bhagat started his education in DAV School in Lahore but was not able to complete his studies because he was highly influenced by the Jalianwala Bagh massacre at the only age of 12. His desire to drive British out from India became stronger and he joined the Non-Cooperation Movement called by Gandhiji in 1921. he decided to earn freedom with armed revolution. To spread message of revolution in Punjab, Bhagat formed a union of revolutionaries by the name Naujavan Bharat Sabha. There were protests against of Simon Commission visit to India and in this protest Lala Lajpat Rai was brutally lathi charged and later on he died. He was died in the age on just 23 year. On 23rd on March 1931 he got hanged by the britisg government with his two friends or other freedom fighters, whose name was Rajguru & Sukhdev.

Bhagat Singh, one of the biggest legend of Indian nation. He was the one of the brave man, who completely sacrifices his life for his nation. He died for his nation happily, & Give the nara Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai……. now it is a patriotic poem. So on the remembrance of Shaheed Bhagat Singh every year in the nation of India his jayanti is celebrated on 23 March.


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