Bhagat Ravi Das Ji

Bhagat Ravidas was a poet, devotee and Gurmukh was born on Maghshudhi 14 Pooranmashi in Smt.1456, i.e., 30 January 1399 in Kashi. He was a monotheist and was knower of Gurmat. He was devotee of God, and his hymns are placed under Bani Bhagatan ki.

Guru Ravidas Ji - Bikram Singh Majithia

Ever since his childhood, Guru Ravidass Ji had religious bent of mind. His talks were not conventional. Even his family members were astonished at his strange actions. He was an un-daunted boy. When he became adult, he started worshipping God like the Brahmans.

Guru Ravidass Ji was a great saint of medieval Age who remained contented with his mini-mum belongings and resources of livelihood. He preferred to lead a poor man’s life. Many kings and queens and other rich people were his disciples but he never expected and accepted any wealthy offers.

Man re! chal(i) chatsar parhaoon
Chit(u) kagad kar(i) mas(i) nainan ri,
A-agyan chhanr(i) man moorikh,
Aa-aasan achal lagaoon.
I-ila pingla khol kivrya,
Soon(i) samadh rakhoon.
U-ur mainh ram h(i) rakhoon,
Nainan mainh basaoon.
M-mer(i) taj(i) raam naam mil(i),
Param tatt kau paoon.
R-ran raam moh(i) guru deenhau,
Nanh(i)ih(u) mantar visraoon.
Kahai Ravidass rrankaar japthin(i)
Bhau sagar(u) tar(i) jaaoon.

Guru Ravidass Ji expanded and spoke poetic lines, originating from the particular letter, signifying Glory of God.

His devotional songs and verses made a lasting impact in the Bhakti movement.

अब कैसे छूटे राम, नाम रट लागी |
पढ़रभढ़जी तढ़म चनढ़दन हम पानी, जाकी अंग अंग बास समानि |
पढ़रभढ़जी तढ़म घन बन हम मोरा, जैसे चितवत चनढ़द चकोरा |
पढ़रभढ़जी तढ़म दीपक हम बाती, जाकी जोति बरै दिन राती |
पढ़रभढ़जी तढ़म मोती हम धागा, जैसे सोने मिलत सढ़हागा |
पढ़रभढ़जी तढ़म सढ़वामी हम दासा, झसी भकढ़ति करै रैदासा |

Bhagat Ravidas came to be recognised and respected by all the people despite his low caste. Ravidas was honoured in the Court of the Lord.


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